Maria Gosur

robot and talk bubble

ChatGPT Explained Visually

What exactly is ChatGPT, and why is it getting attention?

The War of Art

5 Lessons from “The War of Art”

When we pursue our bigger-than-ourselves goals, you’re sure to run into Resistance

Journal on table

100 Gratitudes Challenge

Gratitude journaling can help stir creativity, innovation and possibility

credit card

Sell the Intangible First, Product Second

People buy solutions to internal problems.

desk and clock on a wall

5 Ways to Take Back Your Time

Simple things you can do to get more time out of your day

paper road map

Be the Guide with a Plan

Build trust and inspire action by presenting a plan

desktop computer on desk

How to Create a Local WordPress Site

Quickly spin up a WordPress website to play around with and build something

Newspaper headlines

Clever Doesn’t Sell

Being clear in your messaging breaks through the marketing noise

camera lens viewing a forest

Learn Design by Doing Just One Thing

Apply this skill to your everyday and become a stronger designer

A team reviewing paper notes

Your Design Has a Job To Do

Design is intentional and meant to serve a specific purpose

Bus driving the countryside

Who is on Your Bus?

Get the right support team to help you achieve big goals

laptop with WordPress interface on screen

WordPress in a Nutshell

A brief overview about what WordPress is for web development

Laptop with a screen of code

5 Tips to Learn Code More Easily

Learning how to code doesn’t have to be intimidating

Laptop displaying a website

The Difference Between Domain And Hosting

You need these two things to launch your website

phone with app icons

Attention is Your Greatest Competitor

Gaining attention is the most difficult challenge in marketing

board of post-it notes

Have More Than One Passion Project

Explore a variety of interests to learn what and what is not your passion

paper sketches and post-it notes

Be A Stronger Designer with Pen and Paper

Best practice for the ideation of a project is to start on paper

organized workspace desk

Clean Off Your Mind Desk

Clean your headspace by organizing your workspace

person typing on laptop

5 Tips That Make a Good Domain Name

Make your website address strong with these domain naming tips

red traffic light

Don’t Let This Thought Hold You Back

Don’t let doubt keep you from going forward