two businesswomen talking

Reviving the Lost Art of Meaningful Meetings

Build a culture of growth, encouragement, trust and accountability

an open book with mini lights on it

A Guide to Customer-Centric Storytelling

Genuine storytelling proves to be the key to building lasting connections and trust with consumers.

an audience with notebooks on their laps

My Notes from the 2023 Global Leadership Summit

Two-days of learning from industry leaders about leadership topics

someone gesturing with their hands to a group

Try Something Entrepreneurial in School

Do a venture that is bigger than yourself.

robot and talk bubble

ChatGPT Explained Visually

What exactly is ChatGPT, and why is it getting attention?

paper road map

Be the Guide with a Plan

Build trust and inspire action by presenting a plan

Newspaper headlines

Clever Doesn’t Sell

Being clear in your messaging breaks through the marketing noise

Bus driving the countryside

Who is on Your Bus?

Get the right support team to help you achieve big goals

red traffic light

Don’t Let This Thought Hold You Back

Don’t let doubt keep you from going forward

booked digital and paper calendar

Give Thinking Its Space

A booked calendar is preventing you from doing the most important task

an open door

Picture Yourself Already There

Stay optimistic by feeling like your goals are already happening

A lion's face

Don’t Quit Things Born From Your Heart

Get inspired by this video, and keep following your goals

person talking in a group

5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Networking Events

Come into an event confident and prepared with these simple tips