Reviving the Lost Art of Meaningful Meetings

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Multi-passionate Creative

As an entrepreneur pursuing big goals I have a lot of meetings during my weeks. They’re in the late hours of a weekday evening or the early hours of a weekend morning. They may be virtual or in-person, and sometimes they’re a simple minute connect via text message. When I tell people “I have a meeting,” I nearly always get a confused look and an unwarranted comment that expresses their disapproval. But the majority of my meetings are different than most may experience. They’re intentional, motivating and enjoyable. They’re the type of meetings I seek out to have.

Meetings, a great part of our professional lives, often get a bad rap; and in many cases deserve such reputation. Poorly planned and executed meetings can feel like a relentless drain on our time and energy. However, meetings have the potential to be so much more than that. By shifting our perspective and embracing the power of well-structured, one-on-one meetings, we can transform them into valuable opportunities for growth, collaboration, and genuine connection.

The Pitfalls of Poor Meetings

We’ve all been there – the endless meetings with no clear purpose, the meandering conversations that seem to lead nowhere, or the overwhelming feeling that your valuable time is slipping away. These are the telltale signs of poorly planned meetings that sap our energy and enthusiasm.

A Different Kind of 1-1 Meeting

Now, imagine a different scenario. Picture meetings where you and your colleague come together, not to tick off another item from the to-do list, but to share what you’re working on, support each other’s growth, and genuinely connect. These one-on-one meetings have the potential to be energizing, uplifting, and transformative. I can validate this through my own experiences. I’ve had 1-1 meetings with mentors and colleagues that have changed my perspectives, reignited my motivation, shifted my decision paths, and positively impacted my character.

Building a Culture of Growth, Accountability and Encouragement

In these meaningful meetings, the focus shifts from bureaucratic tasks to personal and professional growth. Both parties have the opportunity to discuss their goals, challenges, and aspirations. The question that becomes the centerpiece of the conversation is not, “What needs to be done?” but rather, “How can I help you achieve your goals?” — This understanding is so important and key.

One of the most potent aspects of such meetings is accountability. When you commit to meeting regularly with a colleague and sharing your goals, you create a sense of responsibility to follow through. You both become each other’s cheerleaders, celebrating successes and offering support in times of struggle.

The essence of these one-on-one meetings lies in the genuine desire to see each other succeed. It’s not just a routine gathering but a place where encouragement, empathy, and support flourish. You’re not merely colleagues; you’re allies on a shared journey of growth and achievement. It cannot be overemphasized how valuable this type of connection is to have.

Why We Need More of These Meetings

In a world that sometimes feels dominated by the relentless pace of tasks and deadlines, we crave human connection and support more than ever. We need meetings that energize us, motivate us, and leave us with a sense of purpose. By embracing the power of one-on-one meetings that focus on growth and encouragement, we can infuse our professional lives with meaning and fulfillment.

So, take the initiative, invite your colleagues or reach out to new contacts to join you in these transformational one-on-one meetings. Start building a culture of growth, encouragement, trust, and accountability. Learn from others. The energy and inspiration you’ll gain from such interactions will not only elevate your professional life but also foster a deeper sense of connection in your work.

Maria Gosur is a multi-passionate creative who loves to learn, design, make a difference and inspire others to do the same. With education and experience in all areas of creative work, Maria is passionate about sharing her knowledge and encouragement to others who are trying to expand their skills, pursue big goals, and be a resilient creative.