someone gesturing with their hands to a group

Try Something Entrepreneurial in School

Do a venture that is bigger than yourself.

Gmail interface

Is Email Marketing Relevant?

Many online communities and apps fade, but email still remains

robot and talk bubble

ChatGPT Explained Visually

What exactly is ChatGPT, and why is it getting attention?

credit card

Sell the Intangible First, Product Second

People buy solutions to internal problems.

paper road map

Be the Guide with a Plan

Build trust and inspire action by presenting a plan

Newspaper headlines

Clever Doesn’t Sell

Being clear in your messaging breaks through the marketing noise

A team reviewing paper notes

Your Design Has a Job To Do

Design is intentional and meant to serve a specific purpose

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Attention is Your Greatest Competitor

Gaining attention is the most difficult challenge in marketing

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5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Networking Events

Come into an event confident and prepared with these simple tips